Quality Control

Quality Control

To ensure that our customers are happy at all times and that we stay one step ahead of the competition in the market, we never, under any circumstances, compromise with the level of quality that our products and services offer. No matter how bad things are going, quality is never compromised to make up for it. Our number one priority is ensuring that each of our products is of the highest possible standard. There is a professional quality control department here that inspects each and every yarn. This takes into account the duties associated with the Personal Inspection, the Certificate for the Highest Quality, and the Stills. The following description applies to our many pieces of equipment-

Sr.No. Instrument name
1 Premier HFT for cotton testing
2 Premier Tensomaxx for RKM testing(Single Yarn Strength)
2 Premier IQ 2 LX doe yarn and silver evenness testing
4 Statex CSP Tester for LEA Strength testing
5 Statex Trash Analyser for cotton trash testing
Each yarn is quality checked.

Our professional staff inspects each yarn's quality to ensure that it meets our high standards for product excellence.

Join hands with us

The functioning of our manufacturing process is clean, and we always commit ourselves to producing a high-quality product capacity, which will assist you in receiving products in a timely manner.

Timely Delivery

We establish a support team that is complete from beginning to finish by using efficient planning tactics to accommodate a wide range of product needs and timelines.

Quality Product

We make products of the highest quality possible by using manufacturing processes of a higher standard.

High production capacity

We make use of higher-production manufacturing machinery that is capable of generating more than 10,000 tonnes of cotton each week. This means that we are able to satisfy and even surpass the expectations of our clients.

Powerful Human assets

We have a large pool of staff members that have a high level of education and experience, allowing us to provide the best possible goods and services.